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Backslash vs. Forward Slash
There Is a Right Way To Refer To This

Ok, I've heard this term used incorrectly way too often.  It's starting to make me (a self-confessed web geek since 1996) cringe every time I hear a "professional" reference to it in advertisements, meetings, and general conversation.

There is no such thing as a FORWARD SLASH!

Furthermore, when spelling out a web address, the character is correctly referred to as a slash, not a backslash.  Here's a diagram to help:

/ = this little guy leans forward
\ = this little guy leans back

So www.rickbreslin.com/music reads "double u double u double u dot rick breslin dot com slash music."

I know, I know, why not call it a "forwardslash" if it leans forward?  Well, why not call it "forwardpeddling" or "forwardspace?"  Answer: you just don't.

I know this seems like a bitchy, know-it-all type of post, but it's honestly meant to hopefully get indexed by Google.  The next time a copywriter (not a copyrighter) looks up the proper usage of the "slash," they can write their client's ad with the correct annunciation for the voiceover guy.

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